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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friend is such a strong word, pt. 4

Ned: The thing is: Facebook is not where friends connect.
Rob: No?
Ned: Facebook is where losers connect.
Rob: Ah. Harsh. Continue.

Ned: First, the posting losers. They share every little thing that enters their feeble minds, in desperate pursuit of validation by way of mere exposure.
Ned: Due to the omnipresence and web capability of cell phones, the influx of moronic content is constant.

Ned: Our culture of celebrity idolatry has everyone seeking the stage. If the world can see you, suddenly you matter. They could make Facebook a write-only system and no one would notice, if not for... the office slacker losers.
Ned: The JERKS who spend countless hours at their desk jobs browsing Facebook instead of actually working for their paychecks.

Rob: I get it. You're just jealous that the latter group is getting paid to entertain themselves. They've beaten the system in a way you have not.
Ned: If they made as much money as me I would shoot myself.

And of course there are the classic losers... who actually spend time browsing Facebook at home.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

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