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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friend is such a strong word, pt. 5

Rob: I know it's naively optimistic, unreasonable even, to expect others to remember your birthday. Like memorizing important phone numbers, it's become a behavioral relic from simpler times.
Ned: Feh. Phone calls.
Ned: One-to-one synchronous communication is the stuff of Neanderthals.

Rob: Technology has relieved us of the burden of allowing one another any mindshare.
Ned: Data's in the cloud. Get with the times.
Ned: I don't want your stupid contact info or personal history wasting space in my brain.

Rob: We've all been reduced to hyperlinked names.
Rob: Autobiographical lists of favorite TV shows, movies and bands.
Rob: Carefully angled photos to only show our best side, or avatars to hide altogether.

Ned: Accept reality.
Ned: Modern day friendship is little more than a media recommendation engine.
Ned: And I'd rather look at cartoon versions than fat uglies in the raw any day.

I used to memorize birthdates, phone numbers, pager numbers, street addresses, email addresses... nowadays, I'm impressed when my brain can retrieve someone's name for me.

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