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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friend is such a strong word, pt. 3

Tim: The Facebook feed is great! It perfectly suits the modern consumer of digital media.
Rob: A steady stream of easily digestible news and tepid entertainment.
Tim: See! Just right for lazy idiots!

Tim: We don't have time for thought or creativity. We have no desire to contribute anything of substance.
Tim: We just want to pass the time, link to stuff others did, and look like supportive friends.

Tim: The feed allows each post the five seconds of attention it deserves. Typical responses are expected and accepted. Sincerity is optional!
example 1: Birthday - happy birthday!
example 2: Engagement - congratulations!
example 3: Surprise - OMG!
example 4: Funny video - LOL!
example 5: Cool video - awesome!
example 6: Baby photo - aww so cute!
example 7: Death - aww so sad!

Tim: Once they get A.I. figuring out the nature of each post, the user interface can be simplified to a single button: Act Like I Care.

I considered "funny video or comment" but opted instead for realism.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friend is such a strong word, pt. 1

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