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Monday, September 14, 2009

Toilet humor: The high-bottom stall, pt. 3

Tim: Maybe the space is there to let bros and chums slap them some five...
stall bro: Duuude, down low!
stall neighbor: Um. What?
stall bro: Come on, hit me bro!  Don't leave me hangin'!

stall bro: ...
stall neighbor: ...

stall bro: Touch my hand.

When a stall neighbor extends a friendly hand, do you welcome it, and match the gesture of goodwill? After all, that is a stranger; you don't know where that hand's been.

Actually... you have a pretty good idea where it's been lately, and it's all bad news.

That hand is pretty creepy. Sorry if this gives anyone I-can-be-a-friend-to-you type nightmares.

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