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Monday, September 7, 2009

Toilet humor: The high-bottom stall, pt. 2

Rob: Perhaps that space is provided to facilitate the inter-stall passing of notes...
note passer: Hey.  Psst.  Hey... neighbor.
note receiver: Uh... are you talking to me?
note passer: You got it man.  There's a message for you.  Urgent.  From me.

note passer: Trust me... you're gonna wanna read this.
note receiver: Um... okay.

written note: my poops are green and it scares me
note receiver: Intriguing.

When your poopoo is an unusual color, it's important to let everyone know about it.

As far as I know, green is no reason for alarm as long as you have a reasonable guess as to its source. And it's not animals-to-ninjas green, or if-it-bleeds-we-can-kill-it green.

Writing comedy involves many subtleties that likely go unappreciated by casual audiences. The writer is constantly making seemingly minor word choices that could, in fact, make or break the flow of a joke. Do you call it "poo", "poop", "poopoo", "doodoo", "dookie" or even "doots"? Take the comedic shortcut of throwing in profanity? For this strip it amused me to imagine a "poop" as one of many distinct entities. One in a collection or, if you prefer, a series.

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