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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Toilet humor: The high-bottom stall, pt. 1

Rob: Bear witness to the high-bottom stall door.
Tim: What pervy knee-looker designed this, and why?  These are the burning questions of our modern age.
Rob: Worthy inquiries, to be sure.  Let us pool our imaginations and brainstorm the myriad possibilities.

stall user: Are... are you guys serious?
Rob: Probably.  We may be here a while, so buckle up.
Tim: And hey... easy on the gas.

It seems the previous strip regarding restrooms struck a chord with a number of readers. Thanks go to Mr. Cates for inspiring this strip with his comment on the last one.

You read that title right: this is but part one. I started scripting in my head, had too many ideas to fit in a single strip, and now it's gonna be a whole thing.

A LITTLE SOMETHING SPICY: For this series, if you write in with an idea I haven't already thought of, I may turn it into a strip. YOU can be a contributing member of the I Love Stupid creative team, if only for one brief, sweet, sweet moment. It'll be the showstopper on your résumé.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Shower steps, pt. 3


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