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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hit me back, dog, pt. 2

Rob: Ever feel phantom vibrations?
Ned: Now what are you babbling about?

Rob: I think I detect an incoming call or text, but when I look at my phone all I see is the time.
Rob: They're like teasing nudges from the ghosts of friendship and courtesy.
Ned: How outstandingly pitiful.

Ned: I bet ten years ago you heard the sound of incoming chat messages, and excitedly summoned your chat windows to the foreground...
Ned: ... only to realize that there was no message to be read. Only a cruel joke played on you by your incessantly looping MP3s.

Rob: I think that happens to everyone.
Ned: Everyone with no friends.

This actually happens to me fairly often. Oh imagination, how you toy with me, making me think someone cares.

Leave me alone, ghosts. It hurts too much to be reminded that you ever were.

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