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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well, it WAS... til YOU

Rob: Hey Ned.  Happy New Year.
Ned: Happy?  Is it really?

Rob: ...(sighhh)...
Ned: (I win the conversation.)
notes: i wouldn't wait around for the hug

It seems like most people, when spoken to in a friendly manner, will respond in kind.

And all is well.

However, you may occasionally meet someone who just is not good at being cool. I don't mean "cool" in the adolescent sense of style or popularity... I mean they bring negative vibes for no apparent reason. It might be because of a harbored grudge, or misdirected venting of inner frustration for causes unknown, but this still strikes me as strange and rather unfortunate.

Particularly when you go out of your way to be friendly, and the other person reacts in this way, it can really dampen your mood. Then everyone heads to frown town, where they scowl until sunset.

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