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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The year 2012, pt. 1

Dan: Psst.
Dan: Hey.
Dan: It's, uh.
Dan: It's the year 2012.
Rob: I... am aware.

Dan: So the world is pretty much coming to an end, right?
Rob: Um.
Dan: Aren't you scared you'll die a virgin?
Rob: What.

Dan: I mean, you better get on that.
Dan: When the aliens show up in their meteor ships with their flaming earthquake guns...
Dan: You don't wanna be all, "This is pretty sucky AND I missed out on sexy times.

Dan: Wait, have you...
Dan: I just assumed...
Dan: No way, you MUST be a...
Rob: I MUST be?

Do nerds know about sex? The correct answer is yes. Because they teach it in school.

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