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Monday, December 22, 2008

Akuma vs. Ryu

Ryu: HERE'S an idea.  Jump back and throw MORE air fireballs.  Yeah, real good.  Who needs honor, right?  Guess you're too scared to come fight for real.
Akuma: PLEASE... you could do this too, WHINER.  Just hop off your high horse and get with the killing power.  Come on, look how FUN it is!  WHEEE!  C'monnnn...!
Ryu: A shortcut to a tacky tan and mozzarella moves?  PASS.

(continuing mini-series inspired by Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix)

Yup, Akuma throws a lot of air fireballs, two at a time no less. Definitely a key source of both struggle and envy. Fortunately they don't do that much damage. In a real fight I imagine it'd be infuriating to deal with someone who kept doing that, giving you pretty much no way to attack them. Then again, in a real fight people don't throw too many fireballs. Because they don't train and focus hard enough.

After finishing this strip I remembered that Evil Ryu had the teleport, "raging demon" and upgraded combo potential, but did not actually gain a jumping fireball. So it turns out Akuma's kind of a tease.

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