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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The force is weak with this one, pt. 3

Tim: Maybe you don't have to compromise. You could teach your kids to be like you, lofty ideals and all!
Tim: Mold those seeds into virtuous mini-future-nerds!

Tim: Instead of Disneyland, you can make annual trips to the local recycling center!
Rob: Makes sense.

Tim: On birthdays, or Christmas morn, there's no need for wrapping paper...
Rob: Wasteful.
Tim: Just receipts for the charitable donations made in their name!
Rob: Superb.

Tim: Then they grow up, realize that you ruined their childhood, and never talk to you again!
Rob: ...
Rob: ... thus restoring peace and quiet. Not bad!
Tim: MAN. Your kids are gonna BEAT your ASS.

Ah, to create another life in one's own image. What could possibly go wrong?

Tim's last line conjures in my mind the image of a furious toddler lightly pummelling a grown man into submission, and it amuses me.

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