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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The force is weak with this one, pt. 1

Rob: I don't know about the whole having kids thing.
Tim: Okay, I'll tell 'em to stop.
Rob: I just meant for me.
Tim: Still.

Rob: Like most kids I grew up thinking it's just what you do. Marriage, family of four, a lot of bickering...
Tim: The American dream.
Rob: But then I grew up.
Tim: Arguably.
Rob: Stopped letting society and tradition make my decisions for me.

Rob: When you weigh it all out... I just don't get the appeal.
Tim: You don't get the life force?
Tim: The one undeniably wired-in tendency shared by all living things, possibly hinting at why we even exist?

Tim: Have you even seen the ocean sunfish? THAT thing gets the life force, and it looks freakin' retarded.
Sunfish: That's not cool man.
Tim: I know, sorry. But... look at you.
Sunfish: Whatever. I can't wait til it's your turn.

The one comfort of looking as weird as the sunfish is they're born with an understanding of interspecies reincarnation. I think I read that at the aquarium.

This drawing--if you want to call it that--of an ocean sunfish is based heavily on memory. Not memory of the fish, but memory of joking about how stupid the fish looks.

Yes, "That's not cool man." is the quote from Swingers. Sunfish sound just like Jon Favreau.

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