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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A stall man, pt. 6

Weirdo: Using your foot, that's what makes sense to you, huh?
Kicker: Yeah man, I ain't touchin' that thing!
Weirdo: You got no idea what kinda nastiness is on there.

Weirdo: It's got whatever you stepped in earlier, NOW!
Kicker: Yeah yeah, I felt like you once. Strangers are mostly decent, not all surfaces should be pooed on, blah blah blah.
Weirdo: Wait, what?
Kicker: But some day you gotta wake up to reality:
Kicker: In life, there are losers and there are winners.
Kicker: People who get poo on them, and people who put poo on other people.

The combination smile-shrug-flipoff just seems funny to me.

That last line may be difficult for some to follow. I apologize for its overwhelming sophistication.

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