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Thursday, November 27, 2008

We all have something to be thankful for

Rob: I'm thankful for waking up each day, in good mental and physical health... for having good people in my life, among my family and friends... for having a steady job even during this period of financial difficulties... for having a comfortable home and always plenty of food to eat... for being in a relatively safe and calm place, while natural and manmade disasters continue going on around the world... and for the motivation and progress I've finally got going on my creative pursuits, namely my webcomic... I have a lot to be thankful for.

Ned: I'm thankful that corny speech is finally over.
Stu: zzzzz
Tim: Yeah we probably need to reheat the food now.
Dan: I'm thankful I had a snack before you started talking.
Rob: I take back the part about friends.  I hate you all.
notes: eat, you jackals
narration: Happy Thanksgiving!

The first frame is just some stuff I believe.

The second frame is, to some degree at least, the reaction I have and expect whenever things take such a warm and positive turn. I'm all for positive attitudes, just... keep the jokes coming too.

Who's the guy in the red T-shirt and dark grey beanie, sitting opposite Tim? A valid question, since he's never appeared before. That's Dan. I sketched out a strip to introduce him, but I wanted to do a themed strip for Thanksgiving, and decided to include him in the dinner scene for a more full table.

The variety of food items made this one take longer to color. I wouldn't expect a group of all guys to home-cook so much stuff, but I guess the joke's on me.

(The side note in panel 2 is a quote from the movie Swingers .)

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