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Friday, October 9, 2009

Toilet humor: The high-bottom stall, pt. 5

Tim: Or the space could be meant for board games and other such family-friendly fun...
stall gamer 1: Hit. Dang, you sank my carrier!
stall gamer 2: Hah, that's right. Mess not with my armada. Fools step up to get torpedoed and dunked in the drink.

stall gamer 1: And so, it sinks, deep into the murky depths... ploop
stall gamer 2: Uhhh. That sound just now... that wasn't... or did you just...

stall gamer 1: Oh yeah sorry that's how we always play. You're probably not used to that.
notes: house rules!
stall gamer 2: Yeah, PROBABLY NOT.
stall gamer 1: Relax, you'll get it back.
stall gamer 2: NO. I. WILL. NOT.
notes: but thanks for offering

And that's why hospitals don't accept used toys.

Battleship was one of the earliest tests of a child's integrity. It's incredibly easy--even intuitive--to cheat, and your opponent won't know unless he cheats too. In which case you throw the pieces everywhere and stop being friends for the rest of the day.

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