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Monday, January 19, 2009

The virgin retirement plan, pt. 1

Rob: This girl is auctioning off her virginity...
Virgin: Going once...

Rob: ... and she's gonna be a multimillionaire.

Tim: Hey, I've gotten caught up in the action on eBay before, but MILLIONS?!  It's worth THAT MUCH to you?
Rob: Seriously.  That's why they say: Don't buy groceries when you're hungry... and don't bid on virgins when you're horny.
notes: some people leave the second part off
notes: because it's so obvious

I just saw this story in the news. A 22-year-old woman put her virginity up for auction.

The bids, at the time, had reached $3.7 million.

And the comic ideas came rushing in.

That is a lot of money she's getting. Agree with her choice or not, but you have to admit she's making off like a bandit in this deal. That's a life-changing sum, plus she signed a book deal. Even if she regrets this decision some day, she should never have to worry about where her next meal's coming from. Some other girls have done the same thing, but for far less, say $10,000 or so. That's a nice amount of money for one night's work, but in a year it'll be gone and then they're just left with the memory and a reputation they might not like.

That is a lot of money he's paying. I'm assuming the high bidder is a he, but with stories like this who knows. I really, really don't see how the price could get so high. Are these rich men out there that obsessed with being a girl's first? What happens when the next hot virgin offers the same deal? Do they drop another few million?

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