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Monday, February 10, 2014

How to survive the drought

Dan: Drought.
Rob: Hey, I know that word.

Dan: Worst water shortage in a hundred years. Gotta adjust our day-to-day.
Rob: Rushed, pleasureless showers?
Rob: Only flushing chunky bowls?

Dan: I wish. We're back to basics. Number one in the sink. Number two in the kitty litter.
Rob: Uh, what?
Rob: Wait, you don't have a cat.

Dan: ... You know what I mean.
Rob: I really, really don't.

I find myself in a thirsty state: California's drying up. It's a shame that doing your part to help conserve water can mean compromising personal hygiene. If this keeps up, buy stock in hand sanitizer and eau de toilette.

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