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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas shopping: SOLVED

Rob: I'm done with my Christmas shopping.
Tim: Pretty sure everyone is. Wait, do you mean for this year?
Rob: And maybe the rest of my life.
Tim: What.

Rob (narrating): I'll hold on to all the gift cards I received last year. Next holiday season, I'll give them out as gifts from me. Newly received gift cards will be immediately added to the pool.
Dan: This card you gave me says "To: Rob".
Rob: That's a typo.

Rob (narrating): Recent history indicates a year-to-year increase in the exchange of gift cards, so I should always have plenty to give out the next year.
Dan: This is the card I gave you last year.
Rob: Then direct any complaints to yourself.

Tim: If not, your impersonal gifts will alienate your friends, then you don't have to shop for them at all.
Rob: Whatever keeps me out of the mall.

I'm fine with exchanging gift cards. It makes almost as much sense as exchanging cash. Which makes almost as much sense as exchanging nothing.

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