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Monday, July 16, 2012

Life discovered in the big apple

Rob: It finally happened. I bit into an apple and found a worm.
Tim: No big deal. You ingest random bugs and critters all the time without knowing it.

Rob: Like spiders crawling in my mouth while I'm asleep?
Tim: Yeah... that.
Tim: And I enjoy prankery.

(Rob throws apple at Tim. Tim jumps to dodge, and apple hits Bystander.)
Bystander: Why.

Tim: Hey kid, what's worse than finding a worm in your apple?
Kid: (holding balloon on string) Ooh ooh I know dis one!
Kid: HALF a-

Tim: -razor blade, that's right! Half a razor blade.
Kid: (looks shocked, lets go of balloon string)
notes: didn't know that was even an option

Also, half a syringe would be not so good. Kids, the world is a complicated and horrifying place.

I recently had my first wormed fruit experience. Luckily the little guy remained intact in the fruit after my bite, but it was still unnerving and has left me a paranoiac: I now cut plums up with a knife and feel silly as I do so.

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