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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dick in a wheelchair, pt. 1

narration: Meet Dick.
Dick: Hi.

narration: Dick has a wheelchair.
Dick: Be nice to me!

pedestrian: Ow! You ran right over my feet, Dick!
Dick: I can't feel my feet. Be glad you can.
pedestrian: ... Wow, I guess you're rig-
Dick: Later, chump. (raising middle finger)
narration: Dick teaches gratitude.
narration: Dick brakes for no man.

After a brief but regrettable absence, the comic is resurrected. It is Easter Sunday. Coincidence?

Dick, the motorized menace introduced here, is based on a real person I've seen numerous times. He never seems like he's even thinking about braking as he zips down the sidewalk. And so the idea for this miniseries was planted.

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