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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garbage in, garbage out

Dan: Farts.
Rob: I'm listening.

Dan: Ever smell your own?
Rob: Sure.
Dan: Okay good.
notes: we have much to discuss

Dan: What if one day they smell just like what you ate. I mean EXACTLY...
Dan: People think you're heating up leftovers.

Dan: Is that a good or bad thing?
Rob: I guess it depends...
Rob: You been eatin' poop?
notes: if so then what

This is what I spend my time thinking about.

Maybe some of the ingredients in your food have a smell that overpowers the expected smell. Or something about the food's chemistry prevents your body from processing it normally. In any case, it's a weird mix of pleasant and disturbing surprise to smell kitchen smells when you're having a private sit-down.

Anyway, if you find this funny, remember to tell your friends at recess.

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