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Friday, December 31, 2010

Practical fashion for those on the go

Ned: What'd you do today? DOESN'T MATTER. I solved the HOMELESS problem.
Rob: Do tell.

Ned: It's a coat, with industrial-grade insulation, that turns into a sleeping bag.
Rob: Nice, but someone else came up with that already.

Ned: I am aware. But I improved on the design.
Ned: Zip mine up again, and it's a body bag. Easy clean-up!

Ned: It even has handles, to help with the lifting and tossing.
Rob: I'll alert the folks at Nobel.

This (as described in the first two panels, anyway) is a real thing: http://www.npr.org/2010/12/13/131910671/to-warm-the-homeless-a-coat-that-s-a-sleeping-bag.

The coats will provide warmth, housing and jobs to the homeless. You can learn more and support the project at http://detroitempowermentplan.blogspot.com/.

Credit where due: I mentioned the coat to my family, and my brother Reid suggested addition of a coffin mode. How could someone joke about such a thing? Not right in the head, I tell you...

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