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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love makes you say crazy things, pt. 1

Tim: Happy Valentine's Day.
notes: great this comic got all romantic and corny
notes: like chandler

girl: I love you so much... more than life itself.
Tim: Wow... THANKS. You, uh, really feel that way?

girl: Of course... don't you feel the same way?
Tim: Aw, you're so sweet...

Tim: But no, that'd be retarded.
notes: but hey listen
notes: you're cute when you're ridiculous

I guess I'm just a romantic.

If you want to tell someone you love them, try to be real about it. Don't spew hyperbolic clichés lifted from songs and movies. Then again, they'll probably sound nice if we all turn our brains off... which love will do for us anyway.

The example of over-the-line romantic exaggeration that always comes to my mind is a line from "Yellow" by Coldplay: "For you I'd bleed myself dry." The only appropriate reply to that is, "No you wouldn't. And if you would, you're sick. Either way never call me again." Well, at least it's not cliché. Yet.

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