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Monday, February 2, 2009

Texting & driving, pt. 2

Rob: Officer, with all due respect... I sent that text in a few seconds, without looking, AND we were stopped at a red light.
notes: will die a nerd's death: reading

Rob: I mean... does that REALLY make me the most dangerous driver out here?
notes: lookin good for the autopsy

Rob: THAT guy is EATING SOUP!  COME on!
officer: Mmm... soup is good.
soup guy: YEAH IT IS!
notes: silverware is a bad sign

Simultaneously amusing and terrifying, these are all things I've actually seen drivers do on the road: reading, putting on make-up, and eating. It probably wasn't soup, but still.

Having a law against texting while driving might make sense. But then how many other multi-tasking circus stunts should be banned as well? Or do we wait until the freeway diners strike again?

Okay, eating isn't necessarily that bad. You can generally do it with one hand, and like I said last time, there are those who are coordinated enough and those who aren't. But any activity that take your eyes off the road or occupies both hands (bowl and spoon!) should probably be higher up on the ban list. Because, believe me: someone out there is doing it.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

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