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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Akuma vs. the rest

(finishing mini-series inspired by Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix)

He had it coming. You talk enough trash, hot-doggin it around town, wearing monk bling and a pony-tail, one of two things will happen: (1) someone better will come along and take the top spot from you, or (2) a gang of jealous, bitter guys you beat up will realize they have a chance if they team up on you. They may not feel pride, but that won't stop the stomping and laughing.

There isn't a specific joke here; this strip was really just a way for me to draw the other classic world warriors, since I'd gotten in the mood. However, the part I find funniest came by accident. When I was done sketching and starting to color I realized I forgot to draw Akuma's bead necklace. I thought maybe I could have the beads lying around in various places on the ground, but then I thought it'd be far funnier to have Balrog wearing it and looking proud (he was already in his muscleman pose, so it turned out to be perfect).

Vega is a mirror image of what he should be. This is because I sketched him while referencing the ONE picture where his claw is on his right arm. When I realized this I just switched everything horizontally. So now it looks funny to me, only because I've seen these characters more times than anyone should. In the game he switches every time he turns around, so I'll try not to be infuriated by this error. And I actually just noticed that even facing the same direction, his claw arm changed depending on what move he did. Surprisingly sloppy, Captain Commando.

Blanka is biting Akuma's head. Period. I mention this hopefully obvious fact to state that Blanka is ONLY biting Akuma's head. Not doing... other stuff. To be clear. Akuma is crying because Sagat's feet are rank.

Well, I better quit this before I get in trouble. Though I'm sure Capcom is SMART enough to realize that a small project like this isn't making me rich and is really just a big compliment, free advertising, and stoking of the flames of enthusiasm for their product. That is to say, please do not sue me, ever.

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