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Saturday, January 2, 2010

On the topic of Mega Man

If you're classic enough to have played the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, you likely acknowledge and possibly preach that Mega Man is one of the greatest 2-D action game series of all gamedom. Mega Man 2 was one of my favorite games as a kid, and I recently happened to see the game trailer for Mega Man 10. What I found entertaining about it is the "Easy Mode"... just wait til the end and marvel at the range of skill levels Capcom is catering to.

I'm not sure how the existence of such a mode makes sense, since only the experienced gamers who have played and love Mega Man are going to buy this low-tech nostalgic experience. Maybe it's there so these existing fans can introduce their children to the Mega Man series. Their children who are still babies, or fell on their heads too many times when they were babies, or have no hands and have to play with their feet. Anyway, it would've been perfect if Mega Man kept going and could blow enemies up by running into them.

I was half-expecting them to showcase some intriguing new element of play, particularly a two-player mode as seen in Mega Man 2.5D (the 3-D element, while very cool, would be too far a departure from the classic gaming experience they are going for).

While we're talking Mega Man... if you're a fan of the music--which you ought to be--you don't want to neglect the remixed game music at Overclocked Remix.

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